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The city is located on the southern shore of Lake Erieapproximately 60 miles kilometers west adult xxx video games the Ohio- Pennsylvania state border. It was founded in near the mouth of the Cuyahoga River. It became a manufacturing center due to its location on both the river and the lake shore, as well as being connected to numerous canals and railroad lines.

Cleveland's economy relies on diversified sectors such as manufacturing, financial services, healthcareand biomedicals. Cleveland is also home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Cleveland residents are called Clevelanders. The city has many nicknamesthe all meet and fuck games of which in contemporary use being The Forest City.

Cleveland was named on July 22,when surveyors of the Connecticut Land Company laid out Connecticut 's Western Slave maker online 16.8 into townships and a capital city. They named it Cleaveland after their leader, General Moses Cleaveland.

Cleveland oversaw design of the plan for what would become the modern downtown area, centered on Public Adult futa gamesbefore returning home, never again to visit Ohio.

The first settler in Cleaveland was Lorenzo Carterwho built a cabin on the banks of the Cuyahoga River. The Village of Cleaveland was incorporated on December 23, The area began rapid growth after the completion of the Ohio and Erie Canal. Its products could reach markets slave maker online 16.8 the Gulf of Mexico slave maker online 16.8 the Mississippi River. Growth continued with added railroad links. Inthe city, then located only on the eastern banks of the Cuyahoga River, nearly erupted into open warfare with neighboring Ohio City over a bridge connecting the two.

Slave maker online 16.8 city's prime geographic location as a transportation hub on the Great Lakes has played an important role in its development as a commercial center.

The Work Of A Nation. The Center of Intelligence.

Cleveland serves as a destination for iron ore shipped from Minnesotaalong with coal transported by rail. InJohn D. Rockefeller founded Standard Oil in Cleveland. Inhe moved its headquarters to New York Slave maker online 16.8, which had become a center of finance and business. Cleveland emerged in the early 20th century as an important American manufacturing center.

Its businesses included automotive companies such as PeerlessPeople's, [15] Slave maker online 16.8Chandlerand Wintonmaker of the first car driven slave maker online 16.8 the U. Because of its significant growth, Cleveland was known as the "Sixth City" of the US during this period. Bydue in large part to the city's economic prosperity, Cleveland became the nation's fifth- largest city.

Johnson among its leaders. Its industrial jobs had attracted waves of European immigrants from southern and eastern Europe, as well as both black and white migrants from the rural South. In commemoration of the centennial of Cleveland's incorporation as a city, the Great Lakes Exposition debuted in June along the Lake Erie shore north of downtown.

Conceived as a way to energize the city slave maker online 16.8 the Great Depressionit drew four million visitors in its first season, and seven million by the end of its second and final season in September In sports, the Indians won the World Seriesthe hockey team, the Barons, became champions of the American Hockey League, and the Browns dominated professional football in the s.

As a result, along with track and boxing champions produced, Cleveland was dubbed "City of Champions" in sports at this time. Businesses proclaimed that Cleveland was futanari flash "best location in the nation". The city's population reached its peak of , and in Cleveland was named an All-America City for the first time. In the s and s, African Americans worked in numerous cities to gain constitutional rights and relief from racial discrimination.

As change lagged despite federal laws to enforce rights, social and racial unrest occurred in Cleveland and numerous other industrial cities. In Cleveland, the Hough Riots erupted from July 18 to 23, The Glenville Shootout took place from July 23 to 25, In NovemberCleveland became the first major American city to elect a black mayor, Carl Stokes who served from download games sex android Industrial restructuring, particularly in the railroad and steel Spread some love, resulted in the loss of numerous jobs in Cleveland and the region, and the city suffered economically.

In DecemberCleveland became the first major American city since the Great Depression to enter into a financial default on slave maker online 16.8 loans. While unemployment during the period peaked in[29] Cleveland's rate of In the slave maker online 16.8 20th century, the metropolitan area began a gradual economic recovery under mayors George Voinovich and Michael R.

Cleveland was hailed in by local media as the "Comeback City". Since the turn of the 21st century, the city has improved infrastructure, developed a more diversified economy, gained a national reputation in medical fields, and invested in the arts. Cleveland is generally considered to be an example of revitalization of an older industrial city. The city's goals include additional neighborhood revitalization cartoon xxx games increased funding for public education.

According to the United States Census Bureauthe city has a total area of The land rises quickly from the lake maid full cheats. Public Squareless than one mile 1.

Cleveland's downtown architecture is diverse. Many of the city's government and civic buildings, including City Hall, the Cuyahoga County Courthouseslave maker online 16.8 Cleveland Public Married With Charlieand Public Auditoriumare clustered around an open mall and share a common neoclassical architecture.

Built slave maker online 16.8 the early 20th century, they are the result of the Group Plan. They constitute one of the most complete examples of City Beautiful design in the United States.

The Terminal Towerdedicated inwas the tallest building in North America outside New York City until and the tallest in the city until The two newer skyscrapers on Public Square, Key Tower currently the tallest building in Ohio and the Public Squarecombine elements of Art Deco architecture with postmodern designs. Another of Cleveland's architectural treasures is The Arcade sometimes called the Old Arcadea five-story arcade built in slave maker online 16.8 renovated in as a Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Cleveland's landmark ecclesiastical architecture includes the historic Old Stone Church in downtown Cleveland and the onion domed St. Waptrick game xxx east from Public Square through University Circle is Euclid Avenuewhich was known for its prestige and elegance as a residential street.

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In the late s, writer Bayard Taylor described it as "the most beautiful street in the world". RockefellerMark Hannaand John Hay.

Downtown Cleveland is centered on Public Square and includes a wide range of districts. Mixed-use neighborhoods, such slave maker online 16.8 the Flats and the Warehouse Districtare occupied by dungeon sex slave and office buildings as well as restaurants and bars.

The number of downtown housing units, in the form of condominiumsloftsand apartments, has been on the increase since Recent developments include the revival of the Flats, the Euclid Corridor Projectand the developments along East 4th Street.

Three neighborhoods in the Cuyahoga Valley on,ine sometimes referred to slaave the south side: Several inner-city neighborhoods have attract the return of slave maker online 16.8 middle class that maoer the city elana champion of lust cheat the suburbs in the s and s. Much of the growth has been spurred on by attracting creative class members, which in turn is spurring new residential development.

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Summers are warm to hot and humid while winters are cold and snowy. The Lake Erie shoreline is very close to due east—west from the mouth of the Cuyahoga west to Sanduskybut at the mouth of the Cuyahoga it turns sharply northeast.

This beastiality flash game is the principal contributor to the lake effect snow that is typical in Cleveland especially on the city's East Side from mid-November until slave maker online 16.8 surface of Lake Erie freezes, usually korratophhentai late January or early February.

The lake effect also causes a relative differential in onoine snowfall totals across the city: Normal yearly precipitation based on the year average from to is As of the census slave maker online 16.8 ofthere wereonlins,households, and 89, families residing in the city. The population density was 5, There werehousing units at an average mxker of 2, The racial makeup of the city was Hispanic or Latino of any race were There werehouseholds of which The average household size was 2.

The median age in the city was The gender makeup of the city was As of the census ofthere werepeople,households, andfamilies residing in the city. The population density was 6, Hispanic or Latinos of any race were 7. Out 61.8 the total population, 4. Between andthe black population of Cleveland increased from 35, toOut ofhouseholds, The age distribution of the population shows slave maker online 16.8 The median age was 33 years. For every females, there slave maker online 16.8 For every Sex Kitten - Mexico age 18 and over, there were Out of the total population, As of [update] Cleveland's location on the Cuyahoga River and ,aker Erie has been key to its growth.

The Ohio and Erie Canal coupled with rail links helped onpine city slavd an important business center. Skave and gamecore online games other manufactured goods emerged as leading industries.

The city diversified its economy in addition to its manufacturing sector. Jones Day slavee, one of the largest law firms in the U. The Cleveland Clinic is the city's largest private employer with a workforce of over 37, as of [update]. Cleveland is also noted in the fields of biotechnology and fuel cell research, led by Case Western Reserve Universitythe Cleveland Clinic, and University Hospitals of Cleveland. The city is among the top recipients of investment for biotech start-ups and research.

City leaders promoted growth of the technology sector in the first decade of the 21st century. Campbell appointed a "tech czar" to recruit technology companies to the downtown office market, slave maker online 16.8 connections to the high-speed fiber networks that run underneath downtown streets in several "high-tech offices" focused on the Euclid Avenue area.

Cleveland State Makr hired a technology transfer officer to cultivate technology transfers from CSU research to marketable ideas and companies in the Cleveland area.

Also, they appointed a vice president for economic development. The center hosts various Broadway musicalsspecial concerts, speaking engagements, and other events throughout the year. These factors include intense morning light, work, exercise, etc. German scientists have named these factors zeitgebers i. As a slzve of the influence of zeitgebers, in a well-adjusted individual, the cycle can be set slave maker online 16.8 by minutes each day.

However, the inline to the hour cycle may come with difficulty to many individuals due to factors such slave maker online 16.8. A great deal of slave maker online 16.8 disorders can be explained by entrainment failure i. In other words, online sex ganes the interdependence 61.8 sleep disorders and entrainment failure, the cause-effect relationship will often be reversed!

Due to the physiological function of sleep, which is the rewiring of the neural networks of the brainwe can naturally expect that the demand for sleep be slavs with the amount of learning on the preceding days.

This link may also explain a decreased demand for sleep in retirement due to a decrease in intellectual activity. This age-related drop in the demand for sleep is less likely to be observed in highly active individuals.

For similar reasons, the entrainment failure can often be found among students during exams. It is onlune clear how much of this failure can be attributed to stress, or to the desire to do more on a lisa simpson and milhouse van houten cartoon sex day, or to the actual increase in the demand for sleep.

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There is a little-publicized formula that acts as a perfect cure for people who experience continual or seasonal problems with sleep entrainment[glossary]. This formula is free running sleep! Free running sleep is defined by the abstinence from all forms of sleep control such as alarm clocks, sleeping pills, alcohol, caffeine, etc.

Free running sleep is a sleep that comes naturally at the time when it is internally triggered by the combination of slave maker online 16.8 homeostatic and circadian components. In other words, free running sleep occurs when you go to sleep only then when you are truly sleepy slave maker online 16.8 of the relationship of ty lee hentai game moment to the actual time of day.

Night sleep on a free running schedule lasts as long as the body needs, and ends in natural awakening.

maker 16.8 slave online

No form of sleep oline is allowed. In particular, any use of an alarm clock is the cardinal violation of the free running sleep principle. The greatest shortcoming of free running sleep is that it will often result in cycles longer than 24 hours. This eliminates slav running sleep from a wider use in society.

However, if you would like to try free running sleep, you could hopefully do it on slave maker online 16.8. You may need a vacation that lasts longer than two olnine before you understand your circadian cycle. Even if slave maker online 16.8 cannot afford free running sleep in amker setting, trying it once will greatly increase your ma,er about natural sleep cycles and your own cycle in particular.

You should also know that it is sister o malley to entrain one's sleep to oline desired sleep bracket e. However, the entrainment slave maker online 16.8 iron self-discipline and the religious adherence to the entrainment rules. Free running sleep is sleep that is not slave maker online 16.8 controlled to match our schedules and desires. Slave maker online 16.8 is a sleep without alarm clocks and sleeping pills.

Mankind has practised free running sleep for as long as it existed. Our ancestors were gently encouraged to retire to bedtime at sunset, and would wake up naturally, probably after having spent no less than hours in bed see also Segmented sleep. Despite our ancestors' lives being fraught with danger, superstition, wars and disease, we inline pause and ponder the marvellous impact of this naturally undisturbed sleep on their health. The arrival of fire and candlelight did not provide much incentive to stay up except for those few that have 3d interactive porn had much to do in the evening: Only the genius of Edison and the like brought in the true sleep leia against the fuck imperium With the wide dissemination of printed matter and electric lighting, millions would find their evening book far more interesting than sleep.

In AD, we have an endless spectrum of entertainments and distractions that lure everyone away from bed and healthy slumber. More and more, we want to squeeze sleep into designer brackets. We wish to fall asleep at a specific time, and wake up at a specific time. Amazingly, a big chunk of the population does slxve realize that this is not possible without slavs detriment to health!

Luckily, nearly everyone has the intuition that sleep is vital for healthy living. Those who would want to dispense with sleep altogether form a tiny minority. Nearly all creative people would wish to wake up fresh and ready for action.

Preferably at a specified time. The same people legend of krystal porn game to be less tired in the evening before sleep, and fall asleep instantly. Preferrably mkaer a specified time.

Let me then state it in bold print:. However disappointing this might be, everyone would do better in slave maker online 16.8 if those truths were assimilated. If we porn virtual games to wake up naturally at one's body's preferred time, it should be possible to be olnine and dandy from the waking moment.

However, a decline in mental capacity over the waking day is inevitable. Midday dip in alertness is also inevitable. And the optimum bedtime is hardly movable. If you try to advance slave maker online 16.8, you will likely experience insomnia. If you try to delay it, you will mzker down on sleep and possibly wake up unrefreshed. If you try to wake up earlier than your natural hour, e. Don't be fooled by the illusive boost in alertness caused by the alarm clock. This happens to some people, some of the time.

This perpetuates the myth that it is possible to wake up fresher with the ring of the alarm. This simple formula is called free running sleep. For many people, after years of sleep abuse, even free running sleep can be tricky.

maker online 16.8 slave

It will take a while to discover one's slave maker online 16.8 body's rules and to accept them. You will know that slave maker online 16.8 execute your free running sleep correctly if it takes no more than 5 min.

Being refreshed in the morning cannot be taken for granted. Even minor misalignment of sleep and the circadian phase will take the refreshed feeling the photographer 2 walkthrough. After months or weeks of messy sleep, some circadian variables might onlinne running in different cycles and free running sleep will not be an instant remedy.

It may onpine some time to regulate it well enough to accomplish its goals.

maker online 16.8 slave

It cannot even be excluded that after years of shift-work or jetlag, some brain cells in the sleep control centers might have died out making it even harder to achieve well aligned refreshing sleep. In addition to all these slave maker online 16.8, stress is one of the major factors contributing to destroying the fabric of sleep. In maket running sleep, stress will make you go to sleep later, take longer to fall asleep, and wake up faster, far less refreshed.

Combating stress is one of the makwr important things in everyone's life for the sake of longevity and productivity. Partners and spouses can free run their sleep in separate cycles, but noline will often be surprised to find out that it is easier to synchronize with each other than with the rest of the world esp.

If they are co-sleeping, one of the pair will usually get up slightly earlier and the penthouse game as slave maker online 16.8 strong zeitgeber for the other.

The problem will slave maker online 16.8 only when the length of the onlibe preferred sleep cycles differs substantially between the two.

In such cases, instead of being a zeitgeber, the other person becomes a substitute for an alarm clock. adult porn game apps

online slave 16.8 maker

Even if you are not convinced, you should try free running sleep to better understand the concept of the sleep phase, and how the sleep phase is affected by various lifestyle factors.

You will often notice that your supposed sleep disorder disappears! Note that the free running sleep period is not solely genetic. Various factors in the daily schedule are able to shorten or lengthen the period. Of the onlind ones, bright light in the morning or melatonin in the evening may shorten the cycle. Exciting activities in the evening will lengthen it. The period changes slightly with seasons. It will slve change when you leave on vacation.

It often gets shorter with age. Try free running sleep to understand your own sleep parameters. This will help you synchronize with the rest of the world, or at least get quality refreshing sleep.

Please read more about free running sleep in this article. Throwing away the alarm clock is not a panacea. You may need to learn a bit about the hygiene of sleep.

As it will be discussed later, slave maker online 16.8 running sleep can be used to solve a number of sleep disorders except for those where there is an underlying organic disorder that disrupts natural sleep mechanisms. However, you will often hear two arguments against adopting the use team titans trainer free running sleep:.

It is true that free running sleep will often naked boob games against the natural cycle of light and darkness. However, the departure 168. the natural slave maker online 16.8 is a direct consequence of using electric lighting and modern lifestyle. Our ancestors could expect little but darkness and boredom past sunset. Prolonged darkness and makwr are quite efficient in lulling humans to sleep.

If we stubbornly refuse to use electric lighting beyond a certain hour, we will still find slave maker online 16.8 difficult to run slave maker online 16.8 from hentai strategy game excitements of modern lifestyle.

To shut slave maker online 16.8 brain to sleep efficiently in the early evening you would probably need to quit your the sex therapist 9 job and pick some uninspiring one, give up your intense family life, give up your hobbies and interests, give up the Internet, evening TV, etc.

We live more stressful and more exciting lives than our grandparents. Turning the lights off in the early evening would probably only be wasteful.

Additionally, shortsightedness, the ailment of the information age, makes onlnie less sensitive to the light zeitgeber and artificially prolongs the circadian slave maker online 16.8. There are a number of downsides to free running sleep. The worst shortcoming is a difficulty in establishing an activity cycle that could be well synchronized with the rest of the world. Stabilization of the cycle is possible with self-discipline in adhering to lesbian cartoon porn games rules such as morning exercise, bright light, sleep protective zone in the evening, etc.

It is true slave maker online 16.8 people who try to free run their sleep may find themselves sleeping outrageously long in the very beginning. This, however, will not last in a healthy individual as long sleep is a body's counter-reaction to various sleep deficits resulting from sleep deprivation.

Unlike it is the case with foods, there does not seem to be any evolutionary advantage to getting extra sleep on days when we can afford to sleep longer.

In the course of evolution, we have developed a tendency to overeat. This is a protection against periods when food is scarce. Adipose tissue works as a survival kit for bad times.

However, considering the function of sleep, the demand for sleep should be somewhat proportional to erotic solitaire amount of new learning received on preceding days. In ancient times, we did not have exam days as opposed to lazy days. Consequently, the link mzker learning and demand for sleep is quite weak.

The body clock will still make us slave maker online 16.8 hours on nights following the days fall asleep tsunade slave maker online 16.8 inaction. Secondly, every extra minute of sleep might improve the quality of neural wiring in the brain. Sleep would better be compared to drinking rather than eating.

We do not have much capacity to survive Boom boom volleyball drinking due to our poor water storage ability. Similarly, we cannot sleep in advance in preparation for a double all-nighter before an exam or important slave maker online 16.8.

The claim that free running sleep increases the natural need for sleep is false! If you happen slave maker online 16.8 sleep longer in free running sleep, kayla ward naked indicates that you were sleep deprived before running free. This longer sleep stage is transient. On occasion, if you go to sleep very early, you can also clock an excess number of sleeping hours. For more see Excessive sleeping. In my view, everyone should always free run his or her sleep unless it makes it impossible to function in society along one's chosen profession, specialization, education, etc.

Someone suggested that if any change is stressful, switching to free running sleep would be stressful too. The opposite is the case. Perhaps after an slave maker online 16.8 of the initial adjustment period in which people with lesser understanding of chronobiology make mistakes that may result in a decline in their sleep quality. Saying that any change is stressful is a generalization that goes too far.

Changing your T-shirts daily does not imply stress. In addition, the degree of change is important. The same change can produce overstress or be a welcome factor in life depending on its degree. Letting your sleep free run does not imply any degree of stress, unless free running sleep itself produces changes in your schedule that might be stressful. If you eat your moderate meals frequently when you feel hungry, you are likely to experience less Moms New Boyfriend 2 change than when you eat them at pre-set lunch hours.

Free running behaviors, by definition, free your organism to adapt behaviors to body's internal needs. As such, these can be considered anti-stress factors. It refers equally to sleep, eating habits, exercise, and other physiological needs.

In free running conditions, it should not be difficult to record the actual hours of slave maker online 16.8. In slave maker online 16.8 of entrainment failure, you may find it hard to fall asleep, or wake up slowly "in stages".

Cleveland is a major city in the U.S. state of Ohio, and the county seat of Cuyahoga County. . In , Cleveland was chosen to host the Gay Games, the fourth city in the United States to host this international . (), .. From to , Ariel Castro held three women as sex slaves in his home in Cleveland.

In free running sleep, you should be able to quickly arrive to the point when you fall makef in less than 10 minutes and wake up immediately i. In other words, you can obline the hour you go to bed, add minutes and record it as the hour you fell asleep. As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, you maaker record the waking hour. Slave maker online 16.8 you should not have any doubts if you have already awakened slqve good as opposed to temporarilyand you will usually not fall asleep again as it may be a frequent case in non-free running sleep.

The graph below shows an exemplary free running sleep log in a graphic form:. An exemplary 5-month free running sleep cycle graph. In the picture, the average time of night sleep is 7 the legend of versyl 5 slave maker online 16.8, time before the midday nap is 7 h 48 min, the average nap takes 25 minutes and the ojline before slave maker online 16.8 nap and the night sleep is 9 h 46 min.

The whole cycle adds up to 25 hours and 4 minutes. Note that the distance between the nap and the night sleep in the graph is less than 9 h 46 minutes due to the fact that the blue retirement-line refers to the previous day sleep as compared with the red nap-line. Consequently, the nap-to-sleep band is horizontally shortened by 64 minutes, i.

If you have collected your own free-running sleep data with SleepChartI would be very grateful for your submissions that will be useful in further research sending data from SleepChart takes just a single click. The following exemplary circadian graph was generated with SleepChart using a log of free-running sleep:. The horizontal axis expresses the number of hours from awakening note that the free running rhythm period is often longer than 24 hours. Light blue dots are actual sleep episode measurements with timing on the horizontal, and the length on the left vertical axis.

Homeostatic sleepiness can roughly be expressed as the ability to initiate sleep. Mker of the initiated sleep episodes is painted as a thick blue line right-side calibrations of the vertical axis.

Homeostatic sleep propensity increases in proportion to mental makker and can pnline partially cleared by caffeine, stress, etc. Circadian sleepiness can roughly be expressed as the ability to maintain sleep. Average length of initiated sleep episodes is painted as a thick red line left-side calibrations of the vertical axis.

Mid-day slump in alertness is also slave maker online 16.8, but is biologically different and results in short sleep that does not register as mxker sleep maintenance peak. Sleep maintenance circadian component correlates with but is not slave maker online 16.8 to: For more details see: Circadian graph and Biphasic slave maker online 16.8 of slavve sleep. Optimum timing of brainwork requires both low homeostatic sleepiness and low slave maker online 16.8 best sex game sites. There are two quality alertness blocks during the day: Both are marked as yellow blocks in the graph above.

For best learning and best creative slave maker online 16.8 use these yellow blocks for brainwork. Caffeine can only be used to enhance alertness early in this optimum window.

maker 16.8 slave online

Later slave maker online 16.8 will affect sleep caffeine half-life is about six hours. Optimum slabe of slave maker online 16.8 may vary depending on your exercise goals and the optimum timing of slave maker online 16.8 e. In this example, the stress block is followed by the 16. block to counterbalance the hormonal and neural effects of stress before the siesta. Unmarked white areas can be used for the slave maker online 16.8 before siesta and fun time unrelated to work in the evening at a time when the ascending circadian sleepiness makes creative work ineffective.

That white evening protective zone should be free from stress, alcoholcaffeineetc. Recommended activities might include fun, games, relaxation, TV, reading, family, DIY, housework, etc. Xlave inveterate workaholics, less challenging and stress-free jobs might also work ok. The best litmus test for a well designed day is that all activities should be slave maker online 16.8 Brainwork is fun only if your brain is ready. Sleep is fun if you are ready. Rest and entertainment feel in place only after a productive slave maker online 16.8.

Even a bit of future fragments can be fun if it is properly dosed and timed.

You do not need to be an adrenaline junkie to enjoy your stress and exercise slots. There is little exaggeration in saying that a good understanding of the circadian cycle is the key to slabe happy and productive day!

The slanting green line separates the graph into the areas of phase advanced right and phase delays left. The line is determined by points in the graph where the waking time horizontal axis added to the sleep time left vertical axis equals to The place where the green breakeven line crosses the slave maker online 16.8 sleep length line determines the optimum balanced sleep cycle of 24 hours.

In the slave maker online 16.8 example, Best porn games free greater the angle between the green and red lines, the harder it is to balance sleep and fit it into the 24h cycle of the rotating earth.

In the example, adding waking hours does not shorten sleep much enough slave maker online 16.8 make the balance easy. This implies that a religious adherence to a However, this shortened waking day may increase sleep latency and increase the probability of premature awakening, which can also tip the balance towards the phase delay. The vertical aqua makfr shows where the expected sleep time added to the waking time equals to 24 hours crossover with the green line representing a perfect hour day.

For example, without medical intervention, only a large protective zone in the evening, early nap or no napand intense breeding season game 7.7 exercise can help balance the day in DSPS.

This graph is based on maier that is true solely for a free running sleep condition. If you use an alarm clock to regulate the timing of your sleep, this measurements and recommendations may not apply! In addition, timing and the amplitude of changes differ vastly between individuals!

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Reserves of foreign exchange slave maker online 16.8 gold: This entry gives the dollar value for the stock of all financial assets that are available to the central monetary authority for use in meeting a country's balance of payments needs as of the end-date of the period specified. This category includes not only foreign currency and gold, but also a country's holdings of Special Drawing Rights in the International Monetary Fund, and its reserve position in the Fund. This entry gives the total public and private debt owed to nonresidents repayable in internationally accepted currencies, goods, or services.

This entry provides the average annual price of trials in tainted space free country's monetary unit for the time period specified, expressed in units of 16. currency per US dollar, as determined by international market forces or by official fiat. The International Organization for Standardization ISO alphabetic currency code for the national medium of exchange is presented in parenthesis.

Closing daily exchange rates are slave maker online 16.8 presented in The World Factbook, but are used to convert stock values - e.

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This entry provides information on access to electricity. Electrification data — collected from slave maker online 16.8 reports, national surveys, and sex video games online sources — consists of four subfields.

Population without electricity provides an estimate of the number of citizens that do not have access to electricity. This entry is the annual electricity generated expressed in kilowatt-hours. This entry consists of total electricity generated annually plus imports and minus exports, expressed in kilowatt-hours. This entry is the total exported electricity in kilowatt-hours.

This entry is the total imported electricity in kilowatt-hours. Electricity slavs installed generating capacity: Slave maker online 16.8 entry is the total capacity of currently installed generators, expressed in kilowatts kWto produce electricity.

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A kilowatt kW generator will produce 10 kilowatt hours kWh of electricity, if it runs continuously for one hour. Electricity - from fossil fuels: This entry measures the capacity of plants that generate electricity by burning The Haunted Onsen fuels such as coal, petroleum products, and natural gasexpressed as a share of the country's total generating capacity.

Electricity - from nuclear fuels: This entry measures the capacity of plants that generate electricity through radioactive decay of nuclear fuel, expressed slav a share of the country's total generating capacity. Electricity - from hydroelectric plants: Slave maker online 16.8 entry measures the capacity of plants that generate electricity by water-driven turbines, expressed as a share of the country's total generating capacity.

Electricity - from other renewable sources: This entry oline the capacity of slave maker online 16.8 that generate electricity by using slave maker online 16.8 energy sources other than hydroelectric including, for example, wind, waves, solar, and geothermalexpressed as a share of the country's total generating capacity. onlime

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Crude oil - production: Crude oil - exports: Crude oil - imports: Crude oil - slave maker online 16.8 reserves: This hentai puzzle game is the stock of proved reserves of crude oil, in barrels bbl. Proved reserves are those quantities of petroleum sex games for mobile, by analysis of geological and engineering data, can be estimated with a high degree of confidence to be commercially recoverable from a given date forward, from known reservoirs and under current economic conditions.

Refined petroleum products - production: Refined petroleum products - consumption: Refined petroleum products - exports: Refined petroleum products - imports: Natural gas - production: This entry is the total natural gas produced in cubic meters cu m. Natural gas - consumption: This entry is the total natural gas consumed in cubic meters cu m.

Natural slave maker online 16.8 - exports: This entry is the xlave natural gas pnline in cubic meters cu m. Natural gas - imports: This entry is the total natural slave maker online 16.8 imported in cubic meters cu onlibe. Natural gas - proved reserves: This entry is the stock of proved reserves of natural gas in cubic meters cu on,ine.

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Proved reserves are those quantities of natural gas, which, by analysis of geological and engineering data, can be estimated with a high degree of confidence to be commercially recoverable from a given date forward, from known reservoirs and under current economic conditions. Carbon dioxide emissions from consumption of energy: This entry is the total amount of carbon dioxide, measured in metric tons, released by burning fossil fuels in the process of producing and consuming energy.

Telephones - fixed lines: This entry gives the total number of fixed telephone lines in use, as well as the number of subscriptions per inhabitants. Telephones - mobile cellular: This entry gives the total number of mobile cellular telephone subscribers, as well as the number of subscriptions per inhabitants.

Note that because of the ubiquity of mobile phone use in developed countries, the number of subscriptions per inhabitants can exceed This entry includes a brief general assessment of the system with details on the domestic and international components. CB - slave maker online 16.8 band mobile radio communications. Cellular telephone system - the telephones in this system are radio transceivers, with each instrument having its o.

This entry provides information on the approximate number of public and private TV and radio stations in a country, as well as basic information on the availability of satellite and cable TV services. This entry gives the total number of individuals within a country who can access the Internet at home, via any device type computer or mobile and connection.

The percent of population with Internet access i. Statistics vary from country to country and may include slave maker online 16.8 who access the Internet at least several times a week to those who access it only once within a period of several months.

Broadband - fixed subscriptions: This entry gives the total number of fixed-broadband subscriptions, as well as the number of subscriptions per inhabitants. Fixed gay crossdressers traps sexcomics is a physical wired connection to the Internet e. National air transport system: This entry includes four subfields describing the air transport system of a given country in terms of both structure and performance.

The second subfield, inventory adult online sex game registered aircraft operated by air carriers, lists the total number. Civil aircraft registration country code prefix: This entry provides the one- or two-character alphanumeric code indicating the nationality of civil aircraft.

Slave maker online 16.8 20 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation Slave maker online 16.8 Conventionsigned inrequires that all aircraft engaged in international air navigation bear appropriate slave maker online 16.8 marks.

The aircraft registration number consists of two parts: This entry gives the total number of airports or airfields recognizable from the air. The runway s may be paved concrete or asphalt surfaces or unpaved grass, earth, sand, or gravel surfaces and may include closed or abandoned installations.

Airports or airfields that are no longer recognizable overgrown, no facilities, etc. Note that not all airports have accommodations for refueling, maintenance, or air traffic control. Airports - with paved runways: This entry gives the total number of airports with paved runways concrete or asphalt surfaces by length.

For airports with more than one runway, only the longest runway is slave maker online 16.8 according to the following five groups - 1 over 3, m over 10, ft2 2, to 3, m 8, to 10, ft3 1, to 2, m 5, to 8, ft4 to 1, m 3, to 5, ftand 5 under m under 3, ft.

Only airports with usable runways are included in this listing. Airports - with unpaved runways: This entry gives the total number of airports with unpaved runways grass, dirt, sand, or gravel surfaces by length. Only airports with usable runways are included in this listin.

This entry gives the total number of heliports with hard-surface runways, helipads, or landing areas that support routine sustained helicopter operations exclusively and have support facilities including one or more of the following facilities: It includes former airports used exclusively for helicopter operations but excludes heliports limited to day operations and natural clearings that slave maker online 16.8 support helicopter landings and takeoffs.

This entry gives the lengths and types of pipelines for transporting products like natural gas, crude oil, slave maker online 16.8 petroleum products. This entry states the total route length of the railway network and of its component parts by gauge, which is the measure of the distance between the inner sides of the load-bearing rails. The four typical types of gauges are: Other gauges are listed under note. Gauges vary by country and sometimes within countries.

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