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Dec 16, - Microsoft Kinect is to get its very own X-rated sex game, courtesy of adult got to such a low point that you have to get your kicks out of virtual porn. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, then click on the very NSFW video below: Pricey; Lag is an issue; Requires lots of space; Weak launch games.

Kinect-able Porn: Microsoft Pays the Inevitable Price for Open Source

Adult Games and Reviews - Sex with Kinect

Microsoft did not authorize or license its technology for this use. Xbox is a family friendly games and bideo console and does not allow Adults Only AO content to be certified for use on its platform, and would not condone this type of game for Kinect.

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Abrams acknowledged that there could be an issue with Microsoft's license agreement but said thriXXX may be able to work around the problem with another company that provides the core technology for Kinect. And industry kinecy say thriXXX's demo video could be just the beginning.

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It wasn't long after Kinect's early November release that he wrote about the potential for Kinect sex on his blog. But, he said, we're still just five weeks away from the product's launch date.

Imagine what still could be on its way.

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Hackers Find Creative, Sex games xbox 360 kinect video Ways to Use Kinect Kinect's depth sensor and cameras read a players arm, leg and body motions to render keyboards, joysticks and other kinds of gaming controllers totally unnecessary. Technology and Sex Go Hand in Hand Abrams said the Kinect interface would be woven into its Xgox game, which lets players choose avatars for themselves and then select scenes, sex toys and avatar partners to custom-design a virtual sexual experience.

Hackers Kinect in a New Way. Super-Earth discovered orbiting red dwarf known as Barnard's Star.

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The key difference is that, unlike the Kindle and the iPod, the Kinect doesn't have a clearing house for material. Both Amazon and Apple must clear sex games xbox 360 kinect video and ganes app that appears on their respective devices. Microsoft can only approve software that appears on Kinect's official platform, the XBox -- and programmers can do whatever they want with their PCs and Macs.

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Meanwhile, innovators are using PCs and other hardware to make the Kinect do things Microsoft probably could not imagine. Playing whack-a-mole The adult trade publication XBiz broke this storybut CNet 's Daniel Terdiman has a great interview with sex and games expert Kyle Machulis on the new innovations.

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Among other things, Machulis kinrct that there is kibect question over sex games xbox 360 kinect video the Kinect can be used for commercial products, so lawsuits could be around the corner. However, after a new innovation hits the adult business, enforcing bans are often a waste of time and money. Apple has spent a year losing its fight to keep the mobile platform porn-freewhile adult companies the legend of zelda hentai are suing free YouTube -inspired porn sites to little avail.

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When it comes to Kinect sex, the genie is out the bottle. Microsoft may respond to sex games xbox 360 kinect video, but its demonstration video -- now on YouTube -- Hentai Attentiveness Test inspire dozens of other 306.

I didnt feel like searching for his video though I'm at work already posting NSFW things hahaha.

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Is this from that documentary? I remember that guy!

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I remember when he sent her in to be repaired. The documentary on BBC was so uncomfortable.

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They portrayed British guys as like, "It's not so much about sex. I like dressing them up in clothes!

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News:Dec 17, - Porn companies are discovering the profit potential of creating games for the Microsoft Kinect. Xbox Kinect Sex Games. Photo credit: ThriXXX.

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